Posted by: Skyflame | August 25, 2011

Keeping Busy

Well we are half way through our visit (well at least for the boys and I) and we have been trying our best to get out of the apartment at least once a day.

We have passes that allow us unlimited access to the Zoo and the Museum of Play which tend to be visited at least once a week each.

The boys love both these places, they are big animal lovers and enjoy being able to go to thhe zoo and see them whenever they like 🙂
Favourites seem to be the wolves and the Sealions although are excited by all the animals really (I try and suggest we don’t need to go around the whole zoo but we have to see all the animals) The unfortunate part is that they are doing some construction so have been unable to see the elephants.

The Museum of Play is HUGE. It is a museum that is geared at children and in the 3 visits we have made so far, we still have not seen everything. Very much aimed at a hands on experience.

Then there are just trips to the playground next door for when I am having a day where I am not quite up to chasing them.

I have slowly been working on my knitting projects, and have finished a couple of small items for bubby and am currently working on a cardigan for me.

Posted by: Skyflame | August 12, 2011

Road trip

We spent last weekend making a visit down the state. Unfortunately since we are staying up near the top and had to make our way to one of the furthest points it was quite a long drive.

We set out early on the Thursday morning and had a few stops along the way (including an outlet mall I was unimpressed with, but at least they had a good playground for the boys)

We finally made it to our hotel in NYC in the early afternoon ready to do some sight-seeing. It was very humid and busy but an interesting experience. Unfortunately due to Physical limitations (both the kids and my preggo-ness) we didn’t get to do everything I would have liked.

We did however walk up Fifth Avenue, go to FAO Schwartz, Rockefeller Centre, Top of the Rock, Times Square and a trip on the Staten Island Ferry – to get a closer look at the Statue of Liberty. We had also planned on spending some time in Central Park but ended up having to give it a miss which was a bit disappointing.

We had to make sure we got out of the city before traffic got too bad as we were heading out to the far end of Long Island to stay a couple of nights with some of family of DH’s. We had a nice visit and just able to have a quiet relaxing time which was a nice change from the craziness of the previous 2 days.

Unfortunately Sunday morning was rainy and we had to head back for our long drive home. We took turns driving, but in my section I still managed to drive in 3 states on the interstate including through some blinding rain in PA, that resulted in ended up having to pull into a rest stop and wait for it to pass.

Overall the boys handled the long car trip pretty well, although I would not like to do it again in such a short amount of time or while pregnant it was good to see the sights. I must say I am much more an ‘Old World’ type of girl though.
Have spent the last days recovering although we had been hoping to get to the zoo today the weather has not been accommodating, but at least we got a chance to get out yesterday and feed the geese at the marina down the road.

We are looking forward to the company picnic this week which should be interesting and have some good entertainment for the boys 🙂

Posted by: Skyflame | August 2, 2011

Too hot

Well we have been here for just over a week and not coping too well with the heat.

The boys love to play on the playground next door but when it is already to hot to play or or even be outside by 10am it is just not fun.

We are generally staying inside in the afternoon when we hit the 30 degrees C which has been driving the boys a bit stir crazy. The humidity that is quite high most days only seems to make things worse.

It seems wrong that we rejoice over an overcast day. We are hoping that the temps might start to ease a little soon and we can enjoy outside a little more.

We have a big road trip planned for the weekend which should be good and I am hoping to take the boys somewhere to play indoors tomorrow, might try and sneak in a yarn store visit too 😉

Posted by: Skyflame | July 30, 2011

Different kind of holidays

We have been having a slightly different kind of school holidays in our family. It is going to be a slightly longer holiday time for the boys as we are away from home at the moment.

See if you can guess from these shocking terrible photos where we have been 😉

Also see the size of the ants here O.O

Temperature change has been a bit steep, but we are adjusting (kind of), we have an exciting expedition planned for next weekend so we should have some fun stuff to share after that.

On the knitting front I have been managing to squeeze a small amount in lately and our new baby almost has a pair of longies.
Next up is a shrug for me 🙂

Posted by: Skyflame | July 2, 2011

Quiet, yet not ….

I know the title of this post might sound a bit crazy. I know the blog has been very quiet lately but everything else seems to have been a flurry of activity lately.

My big boy is now at morning kindergarten which he is loving (and gives me a wee break) so I am constantly in and out these days.

I have also spent the last little while readying my two latest patterns for release. They are now available for sale on Ravelry individually or as part of an ebook. The ebook (Chinatown collection) contains both the current patterns, Bai Hu – Tiger of the West and Qing Long – Dragon of the East, and will have a tunic pattern (more girl orientated) after it has been through testing in a couple of months.
Here is Bai Hu
Bai Hu

and of course Qing Long
Qing Long

Knitting has been a bit quiet in this house lately as all my energy seems to have been going in to creating something else. We are very excited as we are going to have a new addition to our family by Christmas.

I will be working on knitting things up for our newbie over the next few months now the patterns have been released which I am very excited about, while also working towards getting the next pattern into testing. The worst part is trying to decide what to actually knit for our summer baby as the boys have both been born in the cooler months.

Posted by: Skyflame | March 15, 2011

In a Time warp

Not sure where the last 6 weeks have gone. Between real life commitments and my latest pattern developments it seems a reasonable chunk of time has been eaten away. (although thankfully developments are nearing the testing stage).

I have also been working on some very cute newborn sized longies for a friend due to have her wee man in approx 6 weeks.
longies for N

A wee cardi for a new baby.
neutral cardi

A hooded vest for DS1 to keep him warm since the mornings have started getting rather nippy.

Also had a bit of a slip on my reducing the stash as I was a runner up in a ‘pick a theme’ contest run by Red Riding Hood yarns. My theme idea was world adventure and so managed to score a small discount on a skein from this collection. Unfortunately I slipped and bought a second 😉 They are lovely colours though, so just need to find a project for them to reduce them back out of the stash 😉

Posted by: Skyflame | January 30, 2011


I have been able to test a new hat pattern that has just been released that I am in love with.
The pattern is called Sixteen and is written by Polly Hammond.

Sweet Cherry

Sixteen is a sweet slouchy hat featuring a dainty i-cord ribbon and Milanese lace worked right through the crown.

The pattern is written specifically for DK merino and a 21-inch noggin. It also offers an extended pattern allowing you to customize your hat for a different yarn, or a bigger or small gal.Once you’ve finished knitting, the degree of slouch is entirely up to you during the blocking process.

Sixteen is a quick knit, with very little finishing required to make it wearable. In just an afternoon, you can have your new hat ready to go, making it an ideal accessory to a most-loved outfit or a speedy gift for your best girl friend.

I am looking forward to knitting myself another one of these for winter 🙂

Posted by: Skyflame | January 18, 2011

Arrgggh the heat

The weather here has been crazy hot and humid lately so has been very draining. Things I normally love doing are sitting neglected due to heat induced, lack of enthusiasm.

I have been taking part in a new hat test knit that I need to get pics of (a bit harder when it is actually something for me) 😉 and also an EAL (Embellish-a-long) over on Ravelry.

Tanja of Watermellish has been hosting on the BDDU forum this month and has been working on some awesome new embellishment charts set for release next month. It has been great to get back into embellishing projects to make them extra special.
She is very talented when it comes to these charts and I love them.

Here is an example of a new one she is working on I have tested. Meet Fester the Goat

And here are a couple more of the new ones Tanja has created. As embellished by the designer herself 🙂


A mouse is my next project although My big boy has decided to request a guitar hat so will have to try get that done this month too. I am going to be a busy little worker bee.

Posted by: Skyflame | January 8, 2011

Super Jealous

Right now I am sitting here doing my usual daily web catch up and feeling rather jealous and nostalgic, as I can hear planes buzzing around in the air over our rural district.

Now this may seem a little bit strange, but I will give you a little back story and hopefully it will make more sense. 😉

Every year the Scouting association run a flying school that teaches members of the scouting community to fly a small 2 seater aircraft and work towards their Private Pilots License (PPL), this is held in a location about 30 mins drive from us. They have a very limited number of spaces and the camp is a 2 week intense course into learning to fly. The aim is to get all of the new students to be able to fly an aircraft by themselves by the end of the two weeks.

Now before I met my husband and had kids I had aspirations of becoming an International airline pilot and was lucky enough to attend the camp twice and got to fly solo, and I know that some people would think that seems crazy but it really is one of the most exhilarating things.

Now the jealousy comes in is because I haven’t had the opportunity to sit behind the controls of an aircraft for about 10 years as unfortunately it isn’t a cheap hobby.

So I will keep wishing I was up there again too. Maybe someday after I recover funds when the boys have stopped eating me out of house and home 😉

Posted by: Skyflame | January 7, 2011

Stash Down.

I had already planned on spending the year working on reducing my yarn stash, but after we decided to rearrange and tidy the office/craft room this afternoon I was horrified at how much fabric I had sitting there waiting to be used. And unfortunately that is not the only location my fabric stash is hiding. Oops.

So I have decided to ban myself from any more fabric purchases for the year with two very minor exclusions.

1/ Enough grey merino to make myself a cardigan I have had plans for.
2/ Material for specific Christmas gifts ONLY if there is nothing suitable in my stash already.

I am also thinking I don’t need to buy the boys or myself any more clothes and actually need to make more time to sew for us all along with the knitting. Hopefully the new tidy workspace will help.

Maybe it means I will have lots of money left in the clothing and crafting budgets by the end of the year 😉

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