Posted by: Skyflame | May 28, 2012

Autumn fun

Nothing says autumn like a big pile of leaves and of course a few kids to play in them 😉


We had to rake the lawn so it could be mowed the other day and our huge oak tree had left a very decent amount of leaves to jump around in. They were amused for almost an hour.
The boys have been out to play in them several times since too. Best toy ever 😉

Things are ticking along here and Have been a bit crazy lately, especially since we seem to have got a cold snap and need to make sure we have enough warm clothing for winter. I have just found that Seth doesn’t seem to have many warm jumpers so I think they might have to jump to the top of list very fast. Who knows i might even get some design time over winter if I can get on top of things 🙂


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