Posted by: Skyflame | May 4, 2012

Birthday Milestones

This year seems to bit of a year in our family for some milestone birthdays, apparently I am meant to be celebrating one later in the year and my Grandfather has just had his 80th birthday and is still very much fighting fit (much fitter than me that is for sure if 9 hour tramping expeditions are anything to go by šŸ˜‰

Anyway 5 years ago our big boy decided he would like to share his birthday with his great grandfather. So we have been in a fit of a birthday furry over the last week. On the actual day we had a special birthday lunch with the two birthday boys and then followed that the next day with a party for Caleb and some friends.

Since it was a special birthday we decided to go with a bit of a theme for the festivities. After sifting through a few decisions we finally agreed on Lego Star Wars (one of his favourite Wii games)

We had Pin the lightsaber on the Jedi, stormtrooper hunting (which proved a huge hit and was played several more times during the party) and had an R2D2 Pinata.

Of course no Star Wars event can be complete without Yoda, who partook in our event in the guise of the cake. I had sifted through several ideas on how i wanted the cake to look or what would be easiest, but kept coming back to the idea of a cake cut into the shape of lego yoda. in the end i was extremely happy with how it came together and the kids had a fantastic time which is really the most important thing.

next step is school for my big guy on Monday and he is so excited that he has been counting down the days all week.








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