Posted by: Skyflame | April 7, 2012

Testing bender

So it seems like February and March had a bit of a testing theme with me.

The girly tunic top for my Chinatown collection has been going through the testing process to get ready for release (I am working through the final edits at the moment).

 In amongst all the craziness of testing, I have also been working on some test knits for others, including 2 adult knits.

First up has been shrug pattern by one of my favourite designers Kelly Brooker, called Lady Cornwall. This is the adult version of the girls version (Cornwall Park Shrug) released in her Summer pattern club. I love this and have already got so much use out of it. I can see it becoming more of a staple during summer (probably in more colours 😉 )

There have also been a couple of knits to keep Seth warm through winter, starting with a vest designed by Sarah. The Zipped up vest included sewing in a zip which was not anywhere as hard as I had originally thought especially with the helpful tutorial. I am looking forward to this getting more use as the temperature continues to drop.

Next up was the Zach Jacket, which I am very thankful for as the mornings are getting rather chilly and this is a nice cozy Bulky knit (pattern also written for worsted weight) which was written by Rachel Evans.

I had a bit of a nightmare as the wool I had ordered to use for one of these jackets, decided to take the long way to my house so I had to improvise. I am actually really in love with how the colours I found in a stash dive came out. And I finally got to use some more of my fantastic Bird and Fish buttons. I am planning to do another one of these soon now the wool has finally arrived.

Lastly is another one for me, once again written by Kelly Brooker and is currently still in the testing stages. This one is the Adult version of her Baby and Kiddy Vertebrae patterns, and it is going to get so much use. It is going to be very well used. Thanks for another great pattern Kelly, I look forward to its release in the coming weeks 🙂
Spinal Ink

I have been trying to make sure I have allocated some time/projects to selfish knits this year and I am really excited about some of the lovely new knitted items that will be added to my wardrobe in the coming months.


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