Posted by: Skyflame | September 1, 2011

North of the Border

We got the chance to head north over the Border into Ontario, Canada over the weekend. The main purpose was to visit Niagara Falls but thought we would drive a wee bit further and visit Ikea, then drive on to see some of Toronto. Unfortunately the side trip to Toronto did not turn out as planned due to major issues with parking and traffic so we decided to head back to Niagara and let the boys go for a swim in the Hotel pool instead (which was a big hit)

Here are a few shots of Toronto

Niagara was very impressive and definitely worth crossing the border for, the NY side isn’t anywhere near as impressive. We managed to get a view of the Bridal Veil falls as we were driving down to the Hotel which was great. The Clifton Hill section of town was much like a big fair ground with lots of little attractions (many haunted houses/arcade type games etc) and by the time we headed up there for dinner it was all lit up. After a wander around and some food it was time to head down to the waterfront so we could see the falls lit up and the fireworks display. I am really glad we had decided to spend the night so we were able to see these as they were really impressive and the boys loved them although were completely wiped by the time we got them to bed at 11pm.

The following morning we had a slightly slower start due to tiredness but headed down to go on the ‘Maid of the Mist‘ which is a boat that goes along the river right up close to both sets of falls. We had a wee bit of a wait to get onto the boat and it was rather warm so Jim had decided he didn’t need his jacket (aka sauna suit) and got rather drenched when we got around to the Canadian/Horseshoe Falls but managed to dry pretty quickly once back on dry land.

This boat ride is one thing I am so glad we did, you get a great view of the falls and can really appreciate the power the falls have. Once we got close to the Canadian Falls the spray was so strong you could barely see anything except the spray and you could feel the strength of them. The boys were a little freaked out by how strong the spray was, but at least it was nice and refreshing in the heat 😉

We ran into another parking issue trying to take some pictures down near the Canadian Falls so I ended up jumping out and grabbing photos while Jim drove around with the sleepy boys in the car before we headed back across the border into Niagara, NY.

We made a quick stop to get some lunch then decided to visit the Aquarium of Niagara (especially since it was free with our Zoo pass) Boys loved seeing all the different fish and little sharks, and it kept them happy before we drove the last 90 mins home.

Was another rather tiring weekend overall, but a good time. Next trip to Canada will be when the boys and I are heading home which is not too far off now 🙂


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